Repeat Offenders

Do you have a special place that you visit over and over? Or are you one who wants to see as much of the world as possible.

I think I fall in between both categories. I like to re-visit places if I feel I did not have the chance to experience it to its fullest. Otherwise, I’m happier going off exploring new places and experiencing new adventures.

It is now less than 200 days until I leave on what I have called my 2014 Dream Trip.Ā When I first started writing this post I had about 10 months to go. Time flies šŸ™‚

I want to see as much of the world as possible, which is why this upcoming trip has only a couple of “repeat offenders” on the itinerary. The first repeat offender is Toronto. I am going there after I finish my tour through the Canadian Rockies. I will be honest. Toronto didn’t really excite me the first time around so the main reason for re-visiting is to see my old flatmate from my time in London. Visiting people you only get the opportunity to see once a decade is a perfect reason to re-visit a city. There has to be a limit though. If you used that as a basis of a trip you would never see anything new.

The second repeat offender is New York City. I absolutely loved the Big Apple on my first visit and feel I didn’t experience it to its fullest. Even this time around I will not spend nearly as much time as I want, although this time I can skip the tourist traps like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Been there, done that. Some of my time in NYC will also be spent catching up with people (hopefully) but I still hope to add in some new adventures. I feel I could spend years in New York and still not experience it all (like I did in London).

The last repeat offender is Paris. The city of love. My first visit to Paris was with my sister 10 years ago. My second visit to Paris will also be with my sister, but with the addition of our parents and her daughter. This will be interesting to say the least. Similar to New York, my first visit left me wanting more. We only spent three full days in Paris the first time around. This time we will be there for a week. The niece has an obsession which I don’t think will be slaked. Her must-see attractions are the Catacombs and the Sewers (she’s eight!), plus the Eiffel Tower of course. The only one we managed to see the first time was the Eiffel Tower so I’m perfectly happy with my niece to plan the itinerary šŸ™‚

Everything else on my itinerary will be new and I can’t wait to get out and explore. South America really excites me and I have been wanting to visit Machu Picchu since I was young. Knowing I will be able to tick this off the proverbial travel bucket list makes me almost giddy.

So, which do you prefer? Are you a repeat offender or do you scoff at people who keep going back to the same place (I’m not going to lie here…I have been known to scoff at people). Does scoffing at people make me a travel snob?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I will also keep you updated on my planning.

Au Revoir.

4 thoughts on “Repeat Offenders

  1. As far as traveling goes, as much as I want to see new places, I very much want to go back to the places that I have already been. So that means I want to go back to Spain, England, Washington DC, and New Orleans. The new places I want to see are Botswana, Senegal, Zambia, South Korea, Ecuador, and Australia.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    • Oh, I’d love to go back and visit places as well but if I’m given a choice of a new place and an already visited place then the new place will win out šŸ™‚

      Thank you šŸ™‚

  2. Ha! The Catacombs were at the top of my Paris list too (I only went for a day, but the Catacombs were explored). I hope to find a new adventure or two for you in NY!

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